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Entrepreneurial spirit, guerrilla marketing and a little luck have given Tucsonan couple a leg up

X•ESS Magazine

    We all have a dream of how we are going to succeed and then, of course how we are going to spend the wealth that goes with our success.
    But for a couple of friends from Tucson, they had no idea they were on the verge of an internet revolution.
    Dave Dewbre and Diana Limjoco-Pollard, the two top guns at Digital Web Group, of Tucson took a simple product which they believed in and, with a little good marketing skill, it was an overnight success.
    The product is the NuBra (which has been featured in X•ESS), a strapless silicon support which gives women comfort and the freedom to wear any type of clothing.
    They sent a samples across the country to fashion editors. One of them ran a piece on a statewide morning television show and orders by the thousands began to roll in.
    “We could not believe the amount of orders that were coming in,” said Limjoco Pollard. “We were used to seeing 10 to 30 orders but suddenly a tidal wave of orders started coming in.”
    They have sold hundreds of thousands of these bras in an unprecedented marketing fairy tale come true.
    While such rapid growth may look as only a positive from an outsider, they had to develop a new infrastructure to handle the amount of order.

A complete new e-commerce website and order handling programs had to be developed as well as a constant stream of product had to come from the manufacturer.
    Dewbre is a native of Texas who has lived and traveled across the heart land of America and the West, selling every thing from prefabricated windows to computers built himself. In addition to sales he’s been kept busy the last several years designing ,installing and maintaining computer network systems, where he has some very large name corporations as his clients.
    Limjoco-Pollard hails originally from the Philippines surrounded by family who were civic and community minded. She landed in California in the late ‘60’s and she has gone through career    changes    as    varied
as a commercial photographer, stock photo agency, college teacher, creator and president of a highly successful local access TV station, and award winning web site designer/developer. The synergy and gifts of these two people have combined to form Digital Web Group, which offers a vast array of internet, networking and consulting services to the business community as well as the consumer.
    While the two have made a great income from the sales of the Nu-Bra, they haven’t rested.
    They have become a registered E-Bay traders, which allows average people to go to them and sell whatever items they need to sell without having to start an E-Bay account.
    “We have sold everything from horse saddles to yachts,” said   Dewbre. “In     the   case
of a boat, we can often get people a better price and charge a smaller commission than boat sellers.” Limjoco-Pollard also hosts which features the top places to go and the people behind many of the best businesses in Tucson.
    The site was so well put together that X•ESS Magazine is now working with the duo in providing content that gives the readers a better idea of what to do in Tucson.
    For more information on the NuBra log on to
    If you would like to contact them regarding selling your items on E-bay, contact them at (see their ad on the back cover).
Vol.1, Iss. 11 • September 2004 
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