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Father Quizon. Helen Limjoco, Ramon Limjoco
Bishop Quizon of the Taal Basilica and Diana J. Limjoco Pollard

TBishop Quizon of the Taal Basilica and Diana J. Limjoco his is my cousin from my great, great grandmothers side, Bishop Quizon of the Taal Basilica in Batangas..  On the far upper left in black and white he is a young priest, with my parents, Helen and Ramon Limjoco in the Batangas Basilica.  I had such a mad childhood crush on him when he was young.  I thought he was so handsome!  But alas, he was a priest and of course so much older than me.

Mom and I visited him in 1990 and he and his sister put on a real feast for us.  He gave us rosaries blessed by the pope. He’s such a nice man and good cousin.

Jacques Cousteau and Diana J. Limjoco  1976My father taught me and my brother how to to scuba dive in the early 60’s. In fact we were amongst the first to use Anilao as our dive base and introduced many others to it.

I was very enamored with Jacques Cousteau, having been one of the major inventors of the aqua lung, which we used to dive with. I used to watch all the diving shows he had on television.

In 1976, my house in West Hollywood happened to be not even one block away from the Cousteau Society office. I chanced going there, and happened to meet Jacques Cousteau in person.  He then said he was going to be putting on an “Involvement Day” at the Anaheim convention center, and I had the fortune to work with him coordinating volunteers for the booths for a whole month. This event was one of the first to alert people in the late 70’s to the water pollution problem happening globally.  He was so kind.  Since it was such a long drive home for me to West Hollywood from Anaheim, he would call me every evening to make sure I got home safely. Meeting and working with Jacques Cousteau was so endearing, I took away many new things learned about these adventurers.

Ronald Jan Pollard- The coachNot famous perhaps outside of Mt. Shasta is one of my heroes, Ron Pollard, my brother-in-law.  Every year I run into several teenagers and men in their 20’s who say that they will never forget him.  He sits at every baseball or football game, wrestling match, you name it to patch up our kids, or teach them Hunter Safety so that they can go into the woods and hunt properly with their dads or parents.

I really don’t know what I would do without seeing Ronnie most everyday when he comes to bring my parrot cookies and previously to our late doggies. Without telling him, when we sometimes leave the house and are not back by dark, I know I can count on him to come over, turn on lights, put the parrot to bed and turn off my water.  He’s such a good brother to me. I’m proud to have him as my family.

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